In 2016, I worked with the Licensing Department on a direct mail marketing package for the new stage adaptation of Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The limited edition package included a studio cast recording, libretto book and a mini press brochure that was sent to several people in the theater industry, including Tony Award voters. Also included was a special introductory letter from Music Theatre International President, Drew Cohen.

My responsibility was to create the custom package design, press brochure, introductory letter, and stamp. Inspired by the iconic French Gothic period, I imagined textured elements such as stone architecture, worn leather/cloth, and printmaking from 15th-century Paris. As a way to ensure the viewer's experience was primarily focused on the internal materials, the additional elements were applied as simple accents throughout the piece. This was a very fun project to work on and it generated a significant number of sales for professional licensing.

  • Client

    Disney Theatrical Group

  • Deliverables

    Branding / Packaging / Direct Marketing

  • Key Art/Logo by Eric Emch